Epic Chocolate Cake, Part II

(scroll down to read Part I)

Cake’s almost ready! While the ganache cools, it’s time to make the raspberry filling.

Your ingredients:

Put your most of your raspberries (save a few for garnish!) in the food processor and pulse until pureed. Put the corn starch and sugar already in a small saucepan, place a mesh strainer over the pot, and pour the raspberry puree in the strainer. You want the strainer to catch the seeds.

The recipe recommends pushing the juice through with a fork. This took forever. You know what’s like 100 times more effective than a fork?

Your fists.

Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after you do this. Bring your concoction to a boil and stir continuously. It should begin to thicken almost immediately.

My first thoughts on the filling: this is jam! I could have just used raspberry jam and not spend hours picking seeds out of my strainer! Yes, you probably could just use jam. But this is a little thicker and fruitier, so if you don’t mind destroying a strainer, I would say go for it.

While your jam cools, get out that large bowl you used for your dry ingredients, fill it with ice water, and put pot with the ganache inside. Stir occasionally, until it has more of a frosting-like consistency.

By the time the ganache has finished chilling, you will have had enough time to pick all of the raspberry seeds out of your lovely mesh strainer (lies… they will never come out).

You can also use this time to clean up your workspace before your dad notices you accidentally boiled cream in a fleishig pot. Whoops…

Next, do the same with the raspberry filling.

Now it’s time to assemble your masterpiece! Tip one cake onto a plate:

It should have the appearance and consistency of a giant brownie. Next, add a thick layer of filling:

Almost there! Now flip over that other cake and…. OH GOD WHAT HORROR IS THIS!??!?

Yeah. So apparently my oven thermometer is broken. One of the cakes managed to come out ok despite this, but this guy needed another 20 minutes to half an hour. The center of the cake was still entirely unbaked. So… what to do? At this point, I couldn’t put it back in. I considered leaving the batter there as a molten center, but ultimately I didn’t want to be responsible for giving my entire family salmonella. So, I improvised. I cut out the center, filled it with raspberries, and frosted around it. Ta da!

See? It’s artistic!

Om nom nom. I can’t wait to upstage I mean surprise my bro on his graduation (Just kidding).

Safely tucked away in the freezer until Friday. Hopefully my family and I can resist temptation until then…


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