VBQ Potluck!

VBQ = Vegetarian Barbecue. Clever, right? Except, Kayla’s going-away VBQ wasn’t exactly a barbecue, but Vegotluck and Vegorgasboard just don’t have the same ring to them.

Either way, it was a great excuse for various friends to gather and show off our cooking chops and stuff our faces. Kayla provided the basics for a salad or rice bowl, and everyone else brought sides, desserts, and gluten-free options.

Keep reading to see the rest of the spread!

The basic spread was pretty impressive on its own. First, Kayla provided us with three types of grain: couscous, quinoa, and brown rice.

Next up: cold vegetable add-ins and different types of salsa and hummus. Trader Joe’s has the most amazing chipotle hummus and jalapeno cilantro hummus. You can also spot some refried beans in the bottom right corner — gotta have some protein.

At the far end of the table: more beans, lettuces, and warm vegetables (roasted brussels sprouts,  broccoli, onions, and mushrooms). The delicious concoction in the orange bowl was Carly’s contribution — panzanella with white kidney beans, cucumber, tomatoes, and croutons.

Naomi made spicy lentil soup and an edamame salad.

The dessert table:

Adena brought the apple cake, and Miriam made the Nutella chocolate meringues and the raspberry scones, which were without a doubt the best gluten-free desserts I have ever had (and I’ve tried a surprising amount of gluten-free desserts).


And of course, my contribution — the salted chocolate caramel cookies:



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