Top Ten Teas

I have a horror story to tell all you college students, night owls, and late-sleepers: after spending most of high school and my first year of college downing 1-3 cups of sludgy, acidic coffee a day, my stomach decided it had had enough. I started to get these really terrible stomach aches whenever I drank it, even if I only had one cup in the morning. Though I resisted for as long as I could, it soon became clear that I really had only one option: giving up coffee entirely.

I know. A college student without coffee? Blasphemous. And for the first month or so, it was really hard for me to stay awake. But as the year went on, I found I could stay up as late as I needed to using black tea, and paradoxically, I felt more awake in the morning.

Thankfully, my story has a happy ending. I can drink coffee again, but I still try to stick to 1 cup a day at most (and that’s only when I really feel like a zombie but have to do something that requires me to be awake, like long-distance driving). Moreover, I started to really enjoy all the different flavors of tea. Like, really enjoy them. Like, there is an entire cabinet in my house overflowing with boxes of tea that only I drink. So without further ado, here are some of my recommendations!


1. Twinings Lady Grey Tea: A milder version of Earl Grey with citrusy notes. It’s extremely drinkable — your cup will be empty before you notice it. $

2. Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea: The tropical fruitiness of this tea is great for zesting up your morning routine or serving iced in the summer. $

3. Twinings Spiced Apple Chai: The spiced apple is a lively update to a cold weather standard. Delicious with steamed milk and cardamom. $

4. Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset: A spicy tea that’s perfect for curling up with if you find yourself without a fireplace. $$$


5. Yokomata Genmaicha: This tea is made with brown rice, giving it a unique taste that’s a lot more flavorful than regular green teas. $

6. Tazo Ginger Green Tea: Spicy and refreshing. $$

7. Trader Joe’s Jasmine Pearl Tea: One of the most flavorful jasmine teas I’ve ever tried. $


8. Tazo Cucumber White Tea: A delicate tea that’s perfect for chilly summer nights. $$


9. Tazo Refresh: Exactly as the name suggests, this peppermint tea is superbly refreshing at any time of day in any season. $$

10.Yogi Honey Lemon Throat Comfort: This tea magically heals sore throats and stuffy sinuses! And the honey and lemon mask the taste of the licorice. $

What I paid:

$: 1-3 dollars a box

$$: 4-6 dollars a box

$$$: more than 6 dollars a box

Remember, these are New York City prices, so prices at your local supermarkets or coffeeshops may vary.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Teas

  1. i found myself with a few hot cinnamon sunset sachets this semester and loved them! so i ordered a 50 pack… they taste different though (spicier) and have a different name, hot cinnamon spice i think, although i ordered the “sunset.” unsure what happened there. anyway, you can definitely have some!

  2. Great post! So true about coffee…really not worth drinking, it is so acidic and icky! You know how I feel about hot cinnamon sunset, and I will be sure to try some of the others, especially when i cross the pond 😀

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