Father’s Day Breakfast — Quinoa with All the Trappings

It’s funny — Mother’s Day immediately conjures up images of breakfast in bed, but Father’s Day food is a little harder to figure out. Sure, there’s always a barbecue lunch or dinner, but my family already made plans for those meals. And anyway, why should dads miss out on a special breakfast?

My dad is diabetic, so sugary crepes or traditional bagels with lox were out. Eggs, of course, are a great breakfast for people trying to watch their sugar intake, but I thought I’d do something a little different and make breakfast quinoa with a bunch of toppings for my dad to choose from. This idea was partially inspired by Joy the Baker, and partially by my mom’s own penchant for mixing a bunch of things into her breakfast (keep reading, and you’ll see what I’m talking about…)

First, the basics: white quinoa (center), toasted coconut, and toasted almonds. The quinoa took about 10 minutes to prepare; the quinoa and coconut spent five minutes in my toaster over and then were ready to serve (or eat out of the bowl).

On the left: soy milk and blueberries, which are low in sugar.

On the right: spices. I put out cardamon, ginger, and cinnamon. Non-diabetics can also add brown sugar, which helps to make this grain a little more breakfast-y.

My dad went for quinoa with soy milk, blueberries, and coconut. Sounds tasty, right? And my mom? Like I said, she likes making her own breakfast creations…

This is gazpacho with peach yogurt and cracked pepper. Just let that sink in for a second.

Yeah. No comment.

We have tons of fruit in our kitchen right now, so here’s a preview for next week on the blog:

I spy: peaches, apricots, bananas, mangoes, and a potato. I’m kind of tempted to melt the leftover dark chocolate from the salted chocolate caramel cookies and just drizzle it all over the fruit (potato excluded, of course).

Happy Father’s Day, and thanks for reading!


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