This Week in Food…

I’ve just started preparing stuff for the 4th of July cookout I’m hosting this evening. So far, I’ve baked some amazing blondies, prepped an adobo chili lime rub for grilled corn, and now I’m just sitting around, waiting for time to pass so I can start assembling burgers.

This week I found a lot of tips on baking/cooking/entertaining, so I thought I’d share two of the most important tips I know when hosting a party or big event:

1. Make a list the night before of everything that has to be done. That way, you’ll have everything you have to do laid out in front of you, and you can easily tell how much time you’ll need to git ‘er done.

2. Don’t stress. Last minute guests or flakes? Ran out of an essential ingredient? Oven is on fire and house is burning down? No biggie. Just roll with it, and do whatever you need to do to stay calm. Make a playlist to cook and prep to. Have plenty of caffeine on hand. Get enough sleep the night before. And don’t forget to take breaks to sit down and eat!

In other news…

Tips and Tricks

How to Stop an Avocado from Turning Brown: More kitchen magic! Apparently, the secret is to soak them in a bowl of cold water. Must try this next time I make guacamole…

How to Snack Well While Traveling: Packing food for a long car ride or plane trip may seem like a no-brainer — just pack whatever’s in the pantry! — but I seldom seem to get it right. Pop Tarts and Chewy Bars are tasty and give a great sugar boost, but aren’t really satisfying. Healthier options like produce, cheese, yogurt, or hummus get gross really fast. If you’re as conflicted as I am when standing between your pantry and an empty cooler, the girls behind Big Girls Small Kitchen have got you covered.

– 10 Kitchen Lessons: 1o easy tips for navigating the kitchen that both novices and master chefs will find useful.

How to Crack an Egg with One Hand: I have always wondered how to do this! And if it actually makes cooking faster. Guess I should start digging around the house for golf balls and quarters?

New York Centric Articles

Mythbusters: Does New York City’s water really give its bagels their unique flavor?: Way to crush my childhood assumptions, Slate. I always assumed that the greatness of New York City bagels (and pizza) was due entirely to New York’s water. The answer is actually slightly more complicated.


No-Packaging Store to Open in Austin: This is one of those ideas that seems so obvious, you wonder why no one’s thought of it before. At this wholesale grocery store, you can buy grains, oils, dairy, and other goods in bulk. But the best part is, none of it is packaged! Just bring your own containers, scoop what you want, and you can take home exactly the amount you need.


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