This Week in Food

Oh my God, is it really Friday already? Awesome! (Two day weeks will do that to you). Well, I’ve really dropped the ball on this updating thing, but not to worry, millions of avid readers, I’ll be back soon with more BBQ treats. Until then, enjoy these random tidbits from the internet:

Tips and Tricks:

How to Prepare Artichokes: Watch that redheaded chick from Glee cook artichokes (it’s not really the redheaded chick from Glee. But it could be). Also learn everything you ever wanted to know about artichokes and how to cook them and what a choke is and why they always tasted so bad whenever you tried to make them before.

Buy This

Friday Bargain Bin: Kitchen Edition: The Hairpin’s weekly sale assessment finds awesome stuff for your kitchen, so you don’t have to! I mean… the make your own mozzarella kit? So essential to your life. And there’s no way you would have found that one on your own.


The Modern Meaning of Flowers: Also from The Hairpin, totally unrelated to cooking, really fucking hilarious. Gladiolas for the win!


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