This Week in Food…

Here’s some more food-related stuffs that I found interesting this week!

Pretty Things

Baking is Science for Hungry People Apron: Truer words were never spoken. The design and quote is from a webcomic I used to read called Questionable Content, and will need to catch up with at some point this summer (also I just had that weird experience when you return to a comic or story or TV show or whatever you’ve neglected and found there is now a new romance arc between two of the ladies, one of whom was formerly dating a dude what what whaaaat?)

OCD cutting board: This is one of those things that looks really cool but that I’d never want to own because I don’t have OCD and would probably just feel really bad about how imprecise my measurements/chopping skills are. But it kind of drives home the point about baking being science for hungry people.

Hitch: Some guys made a short animated film about Alfred Hitchcock’s “recipes” for great films. Suuuper innovative. And pretty.

Luxirare’s watermelon salad: Though I’ve always associated Luxirare with fashion more than food, she does prepare quite a lot of elegant edible masterpieces. Though many of her recipes involve rare or ridiculous foods (like the astounding Bloodless Mary, which calls for 70-80 tomatoes), this salad actually looks like it might be replicable, as long as you have a freezer large enough to fit a slab of watermelon.

Informative Things

Is It a Good Idea to Microawave a Twinkie?: Though I don’t know how the answer to this question could possibly be up for debate*, it’s still entertaining to watch the results.

No-So-Informative Things

In Search of the Perfect Gelato: I guess this might possibly be useful, if you happen to be in Italy in this region in search of the perfect gelato. For the rest of us, just enjoy salivating over the descriptions and the thought of bread-flavored gelato.

*The answer is obviously yes.


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