Tea Review: Tazo Focus

This tea packs a triple caffeine punch — black tea, yerba mate, and cocoa. I had my first cup on the morning hurricane Irene struck, and within a few hours I had gotten halfway through packing for college. I also spent two hours singing “Come On, Irene” and annoyed the hell out of my friends and family with my giddiness, so I don’t know how apt the whole “Focus” thing really is; I just felt super caffeinated and bouncy.  But I had another cup this morning and got a lot more packing done, finished sending all my emails,  ran a bunch of errands, and, hey! Finished a blog post! I still have a lot to do, though, so here’s hoping the crash doesn’t come too soon.

The taste of the tea is almost herbal, probably because this tea has a lot more flavors than most black teas. It’s a pretty bold taste, but if you don’t steep the tea for very long it shouldn’t be a problem.

And check out the cheeky little blurb on the side of the box:

Yeeeah. I’ll let you know when my yurt has been assembled. Don’t hold your breath.


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