Epic Brunch at the Original Pancake House

This was yesterday’s brunch. Actually, it was the only meal I ate yesterday, because holy shit this thing was HUGE. I wouldn’t even call it an omelet, it was like a heavenly poori-like cloud oozing with cheese, jalapeno, onion, tomatoes, and perfectly spicy salsa verde. And it came with a side of buckwheat pancakes, which were possibly even more amazing.

I’m sorry, you may not have fully appreciated that statement, so I’ll repeat myself. Pancakes! As a side! Why doesn’t every restaurant do this?!?

In fact, there were a lot of things about The Original Pancake House in Fort Lee that embodied my ideal diner experience. First of all, 90% of the menu is breakfast. Of that 90%, probably 60% is some form of pancake or crepe or waffle. And if you decide you’re not really in the mood for pancakes, well, too bad. Because every other item on the menu comes with a SIDE OF PANCAKES (have I mentioned how excited I am about this idea?). The pancakes themselves vary from the traditional (buttermilk, banana, blueberry, sourdough) to the incredibly unique (coconut, bacon, red velvet). And a whole plate of pancakes only costs between $6-8!

The omelets are slightly more expensive (mine cost $12), but that doesn’t seem as pricey when you consider that they’re made with 5-6 eggs each. The omelets are baked instead of fried, giving them a dense, puffy shape. It’s an impressive trick that I might try next time I’m making a fancy brunch. Which, if all goes according to plan, will hopefully be some time next weekend.

Aside from enjoying a memorable meal and learning a new cooking trick, one of the best parts of this visit is the seemingly inexhaustible leftovers. I got to eat leftovers for breakfast this morning. And I have yet more leftovers for tomorrow. I’m actually considering just rationing leftovers until I can make a return trip, so I’ll never have to do without this crazy omelet creation. Excessive? Probably. But at a place like this, excessive is kind of the point.


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