Breakfast of Champions: Cottage Cheese and Figs

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of cottage cheese. I’m still kind of weirded out by the lumpiness, but this morning I put my unease aside in order to eat these fresh figs with a bowl of cc.

Yup, fresh figs! On the east coast! They’re in season! They’re cheap! They’re delicious! But only for the next week or so, so get a carton while it’s still worth it. Out of season figs taste kind of grainy and weird, so you’re better off just getting dried ones.

The tartness of the cottage cheese pairs nicely with the sometimes cloying sweetness of the figs. But if you’re used to sugary cereals and want a little more of a sugar rush in the morning, you can add a dollop of honey or sauté the figs in their juices — you can then pour the caramelized fig syrup over the cottage cheese and chunks of fresh fig. Yum.

Huh. Cottage cheese with chunks of fresh fig with and figgy syrup. I think I might have just determined tomorrow’s breakfast. Off to sauté some figs!


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