Kitchen Window: Showing Compassion Through the Gift of Food

Cinnamon rolls aren’t traditional condolence fare — you know, like a casserole or a bundt cake — but I somehow knew they were right, that their sweet spice would soothe my friend, would make her house feel like a warm blanket in the days after her dad died.

As we walked up the street to deliver them, my daughter, then 6, asked why we were bringing our friend food. Because she’s sad, I explained. And when you make people food with your hands, it can help them feel better.

She thought about it for a minute. “Because when they eat it, it goes inside them,” she said, “and then they know you love them, right?”

I’m pretty sure that entire teams of gastronomes, food scientists and culinary arts professionals couldn’t have come up with anything closer to the truth.

You can read the rest of the article, and get recipes for cinnamon rolls and more, over here.


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