Tea Review: Revolution Orange Chocolate Green Tea

All good things must come to an end, and after a glorious two weeks of caffeinated bliss, my supply of Tazo Focus was no more. Which was doubly annoying, because 1) no more Tazo Focus and 2) Tazo focus is only sold at Target, which doesn’t exist near enough to Barnard to make it worth the trip. So really, no more Tazo Focus. I mentioned this to my mom, and, in true mom fashion, she promised to find me a replacement. And in true-true mom fashion, she found something even better.

At first, I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed. I loved Tazo Focus for the caffeine, not necessarily for the taste. And in terms of caffeine, this new green tea was certainly a did not measure up to the black tea/yerba mate/chocolate concoction I was used to.

But seriously, forget the caffeine — this tea tastes amazing. I wish you could smell things through the internet, because a cup of this stuff really does smell exactly like orange chocolate. I drink it for dessert sometimes, and it really is perfect because the small amount of caffeine means you can drink it at night and not get jittery.

It also comes in these fancy little teabags, which have their own pouch to help the tea stay fresh.

In conclusion, Revolution’s Orange Chocolate Green Tea is certainly no replacement for Tazo Focus. But I will definitely be just as devastated when I run out. Luckily, Revolution is also a lot easier to find.

Happy sipping!


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