Components of a Perfect Saturday Brunch

This afternoon, some of my best friends got together to catch up over brunch. This is what we made:

1. Homemade corn tortilla crisps (to clarify: we put soft corn tortillas in the oven and made them into tortilla crisps. We did not make the tortillas. This will not deter me from calling them homemade. I mean, some genius had to decide to put them in the oven.)

2. Refried beans, heartily seasoned with adobo

3. Fried eggs, sunny side up

4. Habanero lime salsa

5. Add just a dash of cojita cheese and onions and tomatoes soaked in lime juice, and you’ve got an awesome take on huevos rancheros

But wait, we’re not done here! We also had…

6. Sliced citrus fruit

7. Canary melon

8. My new favorite snack: bananas with cinnamon and lemon juice in a bowl of Greek yogurt

9. Five mugs of Trader Joe’s Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea

Sharing this wonderful meal and talking for hours with some of my favorite people in the world, the people who always make me feel at home and who have made my college experience memorable and enjoyable, has made me feel extremely grateful. So here’s my pre-Thanksgiving giving of thanks. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful that we were all able to make time in our schedules to see each other this weekend. I am thankful that after being apart for a long while, we were still able to relate to and care deeply about the events in each others’ lives. And I’m thankful, of course, for befriending such excellent cooks and appreciators of (somewhat bastardized) Mexican food.


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