Greetings from France! Here’s a post about crêpes!

Dear devoted fans and followers (hi Mom),

As I’m sure you are aware, I haven’t really been posting anything here. It’s not that I don’t have time or that I’ve stopped cooking, it’s just that since arriving in the sunny Mediterranean town of Menton, I haven’t really made anything special. Breakfast is usually fruit, fromage frais, or some type of eggs, lunch is maybe a salad or a sandwich, dinner is quinoa or couscous or rice with lentils and chick peas, dessert is whatever I happen to have in my cabinet. But this morning, Carmen (one of the women who works at my dormitory, the Villa Jasmin) taught me how to make French crêpes, which of course was worth an update.

In terms of time and  ingredients, crêpes are very simple to make; it’s the technique that makes them taste really special. Because crêpes are so thin, you have to really make sure there are no lumps in the batter — and there’s no cheating on this. Aside from this one crucial point, there are many different ways to make crêpes; recipes vary by region and family tradition. You’ll notice that this recipe uses oil instead of butter — that’s because it comes from the south, in an area very near the Italian border. Another French woman who works at the Villa Jasmin was telling me that the best way to make crêpes is with warm milk, because it melts away the dreaded grumeaux (new vocab word: lumps). There is also, of course, an infinite choice of things to put in your crêpes: butter, sugar, nutella, chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream, lemon juice, orange juice, Grand Marnier, or you could go the savory route and fill them with meat, cheese, and veggies. I mixed my batter with orange flower extract, and opted for sugar, lemon juice, strawberries, and whipped cream for the filling.

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