Quick and easy brunch: Egg-Filled Crêpes with Creamy Swiss, Kale, and Rosemary

To me, brunch is a meal that was invented to serve the multitudes of perfectly sane people who are too sleepy or hungover to wake up early on weekends. So it’s baffling that said perfectly sane people (mostly, in my experience, New Yorkers) have made it into such a fancy-pants institution. I hear about people waiting in line for hours to eat at egg or shelling out megabucks at Norma’s or fighting over reservations at Prune and I ask myself…why? Brunch is supposed to be a relaxing meal for lazy people. My advice? Chill out, go back to bed for another hour, don’t worry about canceling your plans with that person who you haven’t seen for months because you keep sleeping through your brunch dates, and if you still want a fancy-pants meal when you wake up, just make this crêpe yourself.

This “recipe” involves: Defrosting the crêpes your brother made last week and then stuck in the freezer (crêpe recipe can be found here – just leave out the orange flower water). Frying two eggs. Putting the fried eggs on top of the defrosted crêpe. Spreading some Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese on top of the warm crêpe and eggs until the cheese gets melty. Sautéing kale in olive oil until it shrinks down, then adding a healthy splash of lemon juice, then piling the kale on top of the eggs and cheese. Sprinkling everything with rosemary. And then, once you’ve nourished your body, fueled yourself with coffee, taken an Advil and drank a glass of water, you can begin to contemplate how to spend the remainder of your weekend, what you did the night before that put you into such a state, and the best possible way to apologize to your friend.


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