I Made Pickles!

Of all the strange things I have made and written about on this blog, bread and butter pickles are probably the strangest. Baked goods and dinner items can obviously be altered according to personal taste, but the recipe for pickles is pretty standard, and you can just as easily buy them in a jar. So why waste the energy to make them yourself? Well for starters, pickling things is really easy. Most of the pickling process is waiting, so the hardest part is really just restraining yourself from eating the pickles before they’re done. Also, like most homemade food, they taste better. You don’t taste the can and the preservatives, so the pickles have a fresh, crispy, juicy bite that’s noticeably different from their store bought counterparts. Other, more honest reasons include: it’s fun, and why not?

However, none of these reasons were adequately explained to the cute guy at the Apple Store who was fixing my computer, and while he was trying to get my iPhoto to stop doing weird things, happened to see all of my pictures of…pickles. Lots of close-ups of pickles and brine and chopped cucumbers. It probably didn’t help my case that the next most recent uploads were of Yiddishfest 2012 (a two hour klezmer festival in Central Park) and New York’s Gay Pride Parade. So to Mr. Genius Bar, my photo library looked something like this:

Which just goes to show that no one will ever know you like the random strangers who have complete access to your computer.

Anyway…let’s talk pickles, shall we?

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