Spicy Ginger Chicken Noodle Soup

There’s been a bug going around campus the past few weeks, but it was still a shock when this afternoon, I fell asleep for five hours in the middle of the day and woke up with a fever. Yes, two of my friends also got sick last week. So yes, maybe I should have seen this coming. But I’m in college! I’m invincible! I have papers to write and parties to go to, so obviously, as per the rules of the universe, I am not allowed to get sick now!

Come on, universe.

Luckily, I was planning to make this soup anyway, so when I woke up in a confused and sweaty haze at 7:00 PM I had all the ingredients I needed for Jewish penicillin. Or, not…so…Jewish? Though I’m a big fan of my grammie’s version, I love the flavors of this Asian-inspired update. And the ingredients can actually help with some common cold symptoms: ginger is great for an upset stomach, the sriracha will clear your head and your sinuses, cilantro promotes digestion, and of course, any hot liquid is good for a cold.

I’m really glad a made a big pot, because I’m looking forward to eating this (and not cooking dinner!) for the rest of the week.


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