Well hello there friends, family, and internet creepers. Welcome to my little self-indulgent corner of the internet. I’m Claire. I am a 21-year-old student and occasional writer who likes to cook, bake, and eat. Here are some other things about me:

– Until around the age of 10, I refused to eat anything that wasn’t pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, or candy. I like to think of my burgeoning obsession with cooking new and unusual recipes as making up for lost time.

– I like to learn new languages — I speak French, Spanish, Hebrew, and Arabic to varying degrees of imperfection.

– I am currently an intern at WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show.

– I’m also the Dining Editor at Inside New York, which involves reading about, reviewing, and eating delicious food all around New York City. It also means that everyone I know is constantly either telling me or asking me about the best places to eat in New York. Which, really, is a fantastic arrangement. You can find some of my reviews over yonder.

– I was a features intern at ELLE Magazine, where I read and edited lots of interesting things related to fashion, culture, and occasionally neuropsychology and (unsuccessfully) attempted to recreate the life of Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada.

– I spent a semester abroad at Sciences Po’s campus for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, in a tiny town called Menton. Menton is in the south of France, right on the border with Italy, and is best known for its annual lemon festival. It is a very charming and confusing place to live, and I hope to return someday, hopefully in my retirement when I’ve saved up enough to buy a yacht and a quaint pastel villa on the ocean.

– I was not a huge fan of Julie and Julia, but I’ve still seen it more times than is probably necessary or healthy.

– The first thing I remember baking is hamantaschen.

– One time I had a good hair day and took a picture without having food on my face. This was not that time.

You can also find me posting random internet finds on my Tumblr and coveting expensive clothing and shoes on my svpply.

(Hi Mom. I’m just kidding about the internet creepers. That phrase doesn’t mean what you think it means!)


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