The Best Cookies I Have Ever Made: Chocolate Toffee Cookies

The great thing about baking is that it makes gift-giving easy. Let’s say you have an ever-expanding gift list and a minimum wage job. Cookies for everyone! Because really, everyone loves cookies.

The secret to these cookies is not really a secret: they’re mostly straight-up melted chocolate, so they’re sure to be a crow-pleaser. I adapted the cookies from this recipe, but left out the walnuts and doubled the amount of toffee because my brother doesn’t like nuts in cookies. I also forgot to refrigerate them, which is probably why my cookies look a lot more crackly than the originals on Smitten Kitchen, and also why they were really goopy and delicious when they came out of the oven.

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Sauteed Salmon and Green Beans with Couscous

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve and a Happy fifth night of Hannukah! So before I get started on my holiday cookie posts (of which there are numerous…and by numerous I mean approximately three) I thought I’d post this recipe left over from finals week. My finals this semester, though they lasted until December 21st and thus made studying feel kind of like a marathon, were actually not that hard to study for. I’d already handed in all of my final papers a week before my first final was scheduled, so for the week in between the last day of class and finals I was able to relax a bit. And one of my first efforts of relaxation was, of course, cooking myself a nice dinner after weeks of eating cans of refried beans for dinner and other embarrassing but necessary college tactics.

Anyway. This recipe is perfect for nights when you want to reward yourself for, say, handing in a 10 page paper and a 5 page paper on the same day, but you’re too exhausted from writing said papers to really throw yourself into cooking something fancy. For the salmon, rub with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, season with salt, pepper, and your herb of choice (I chose thyme), and saute in a tablespoon of olive oil. For the green beans, season with salt and saute in olive oil until they get floppy and tender. For the couscous, prepare as per package directions. Don’t add salt because there’s already salt in the other parts of the meal, and you’ll appreciate the contrast. Ingest, and prepare to feel like a human being again.

A Video on How to Make ‘Smeaches

Hey guys! I realize I haven’t been updating much, due to finals and end of semester madness, but I’ve still been cooking. I have some great recipes on deck that I’ll hopefully have time to post soon, but for now, enjoy this video made by one of my new favorite bloggers, TheKitchyKitchen. This blog has great recipes and some gorgeous 30 second videos to go along with them.

S’Meaches from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.